Flea Solution - Service: Liquidly treat all floor areas in home with an Adulticide and Growth-Inhibitor. Exterior conducive areas will also be treated.
  • Customer Responsibility: Have pets treated for fleas by a veterinarian. Remove all small items off of the floors. Vacuum all floor areas and then discard vacuum bag. Continue this process once a day for at least a week.
  • Wildlife Solution - Initial treatment for gray squirrels, raccoons and opossums includes:
  • Placement of 1 to 2 pre-baited exterior traps
  • One visit to retrieve the trap
  • Screening of one average size opening
  • Removal of nesting material, if possible
  • Treatment for ectoparasites and fleas
  • Integrated Pest Management Services (IPM)
  • Exhaust Vent Screening: The screening of exterior exhaust vents.
  • Moisture Barrier: The installation of polyurethane on the ground in the crawl space to prevent moisture problems.
  • Temp Vents: The replacement of existing crawlspace vents with maintenance-free thermostatically controlled vents.
  • Birds
  • Removal of birds.
  • Removal of nests (if possible).
  • Treatment for ectoparasites and bird mites.
  • Installation of a vent cover or screening.
  • Bees
  • Treatment and removal of nest if possible.