Pest Solutions, Inc. proudly uses the safest and most effective method of termite pretreatment available to date. This method is a Borate Wood Treatment that differs from the traditional methods by treating the wood instead of poisoning the soil.

Pest Solutions will apply a Borate termiticide, insecticide, and fungicide- a highly effective and long lasting pesticide used as a primary application against subterranean termite infestation in new construction. The Borate product will be applied to the wood above the foundation wall in a two-foot band on slab type, or crawl space/basement built structures. This treatment includes a full one-year termite warranty. After the first year, it is the homeowner's option to continue the warranty. Then Pest Solutions will install a termite baiting system on the exterior of the structure to actively monitor and bait for the termite colony.


Termites infest millions of homes nationwide, causing over $750 million in damage annually, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Virginia is one of the most heavily termite infested states. Termites find human dwellings offer the ideal combination of warmth, moisture, and food. They can find their way into a structure through an opening as small as 1/32 of an inch.

Statistics show that in Virginia there can be anywhere from 10 to 14 termite colonies in an acre of land. In fact, the average home could well have 3 or 4 colonies situated under and around it making the risk of infestation very high.

Termites forage from spring through fall and they spread most commonly underground. If your home is currently termite-free, it could become infested by termites that are active nearby. A preventive termite control program will help avoid termite infestation.

Even when termites have found a food source in your house, they are constantly looking for more food elsewhere and their range typically extends beyond the house. Because subterranean termites live in the soil, Termite Baiting systems are designed to be an easy target for foraging termites.

Features of Borate Treatment Benefits of Borate Treatment
No Odor No need for crews to leave site
No soil contamination Borates treat the wood not the soil
Environmentally safe No adverse effect on humans or animals
Scheduling freedom Applied anytime before insulation and drywall
Marker dye Shows job was properly treated
Broader control Protects against all wood destroying pests
Increased home value Baiting system included
Weather delays Treatment inside, weather not a factor
Alternative treatment Accepted by HUD, 99a form
Competitive rates Lower cost, more savings to you